$72 - Trio set 3-in-1 Face Powder Cleanser + Exfoliator + Face Mask

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We pride ourselves on using only 100% all-natural and whole ingredients that are food grade certified.

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Why Powder?

Powder allows the ingredients to stay fresh without the use of preservatives, resulting in the most powerful response when activated with water or oil. Coupled with this, the fine herbs and grains allow for a gentle but deep exfoliation.

About the founder

Through my education in holistics and the years of putting it into practice, I’ve come to discover that the right nutrition is the answer to almost all health related questions. As a naturopathic, I understand that beauty begins with what you choose to put into your body and that true health starts internally and is reflected in our external appearance. My mission is to give people the tools they need to better their overall well-being as well as to equip them with the powerful knowledge of nature and how to use it to achieve maximum health.

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