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Back to School Acne Treatment, That Really Works

  The beginning of the school year is one of the most important times in your life and you want to start with a fresh mind and of course a clean and radiant skin. Well, the thought of meeting new people, making new friends and having new teachers may excite you in numerous ways but feeling confident about your looks is even more important for you at this time. If you have a dull skin or have acne, it’s time to work and get rid of them in a natural way. It is best to avoid beauty products that have tons of chemicals which may irritate your skin. Here is how to deal with oily skin and acne in a fast and safe way.

  Why must you get rid of oily skin and acne right away?

 Acne is common during this age and is often a matter of concern for most individuals who want to start their new school fresh and clean. Usually, the first symptom of acne is visible as a small pimple which may aggravate and damage your skin if not taken care of. Some acne may also leave scars for a lifetime. So, it is always important to act sooner to keep your skin flawless.

 The main cause of acne is excessive sebum that is released from the sebaceous glands present in your skin. If proper cleaning is not done or you have a skin that is too oily, the sebum can mix up with dirt and grime clogging your skin pores. As a result, bacteria find a suitable place to grow and cause an infection that shows up as acne.

  What should you do?

 Natural treatments are great for getting rid of acne and are being used since ages to obtain a clear glowing and flawless skin. Since all natural ingredients are used, they do not cause skin irritations and keep your skin young and radiant forever. What’s more, these ingredients are easily available and are easy on your pocket too. So let’s get started.


3 Miracle Natural Treatment for Healthy Skin with only 2 and 3 ingredients


The gold mask

 This natural mask is amazing for oily and acne-prone skin. It not only cleans away excess oils and reduce acne but also makes your skin radiant. Turmeric is packed with antioxidants that help in treating skin damage. It has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action which reduces acne faster.

 Honey helps in keeping your skin well moisturized. Its antibacterial properties kill the bacteria that causes acne, thereby stopping it from aggravating. When mixed together these ingredients can work wonders to your skin. It also helps in improving your complexion when used on a regular basis. Here is the recipe.

 You will need

 * Powdered turmeric- 1 teaspoon

* Raw honey-1 teaspoon


Take a bowl and add the ingredients. Mix well using a spatula and apply to your skin. Let it stay for 12-15 minutes and wash away with water. Repeat this method once-twice a week for fast and effective results.

 The black mask 

This is yet another amazing natural treatment for oily skin and acne. Activated charcoal helps in purifying and detoxifying the skin making it clear and problem free. If you have acne, it may help in reducing the symptoms. Activated charcoal absorbs impurities from your skin in an excellent way.

 Mixing it with almond oil or cold pressed olive oil will provide moisturizing benefits adding a healthy glow to your skin. Since these oils have deep penetrating power, it keeps your skin hydrated for longer. Himalayan salt may help in exfoliating the dead skin cells in an excellent way to provide you with a smooth, pimple-free skin.

  You will need

 * Activated charcoal-1 teaspoon

* Almond/olive oil (cold pressed) -½ teaspoon

* Himalayan salt- ½ teaspoon


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl to obtain a thick consistency. Apply it to your skin using gentle circular motion for 20 seconds. Now let it stay for 12-15 minutes and finally, rinse with water. Do this skin cleaning treatment 2-3 times a week.

Natural water face 

When it comes to skincare, we can’t ignore the skin toner. Well, a toner goes a long way in keeping your skin clean and prevent acne. It not only cleans excess oils from the skin but also balances the skin’s pH. It is best not to rely on chemical toners as they contain harmful chemicals including alcohol, which may eventually dry out your skin and give rise to skin problems.

 This natural DIY water face toner will help you attain a beautiful skin in no time. It contains apple cider vinegar which is one of nature’s best gift to us. It has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action that keeps acne at a bay. People who used this toner started to see a difference in as little as 24 hours’ time. So this one is worth trying.

 You will need:

 * Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw and organic, with the “mother”)

* Plain water


To make this miraculous water face toner, simply add 1/4th parts of apple cider vinegar with 3/4th parts of water and mix well. Fill this solution in a clean bottle and store it. Pour some of it in a cotton ball and apply it evenly to your skin. Let it stay for 8-10 minutes and wash away with water. Pat dry and apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin.


Note- Avoid using filtered apple cider vinegar for this purpose as it could be highly processed and can damage your skin. To reap the benefits of apple cider vinegar, always use the organic one with the “mother”. It is packed with nutrients and has high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties required to get rid of the acne and make the skin clean and clear.


  In addition to the above natural treatments for oily skin and acne, having a healthy lifestyle will help in keeping your skin healthy and radiant.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet and do a regular exercise.

Don’t forget to drink enough water as it helps in flushing out the toxins from your body in an excellent way.

Avoid using chemical beauty products and acne treatment products that have skin irritants and compounds which may damage your skin.

Remember, natural ingredients are more effective and cause no harm to your skin.










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