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Non-Toxic Beauty Regimen- How To Choose The Right Product In 5 Steps

Looking beautiful is what everyone aims for, but how that depends on what is your perception of beauty. A healthy skin makes you appear beautiful besides having a good heart and a smile on your face. So how can you become more beautiful?

Probably you are thinking of some beauty creams and products that pretend to increase the beauty of your skin. But does that actually work? The answer is probably 'no'. Because they bring a lot of harmful effects along with the beauty they are promising. Nowadays, there are a thousand products that claim to make your skin healthier but in a long run, they actually cause an irreversible harm to your skin.

 Why are natural ingredients better?

Since our skin ages as we grow older, skin care becomes even more important during our 30's. If we neglect our skin during this time, we are subjected to experience premature aging. So what can we do to prevent skin damage and keep it healthy and happy?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, just go natural. Nature has gifted us with many remedies that can actually help beautify our skin minus the damaged caused by chemicals. The results of chemical beauty ingredients can be fast and effective but actually, they are causing a great damage to your skin.

It is important to look out for natural products for your skin and hair but what does natural mean. Simply buying natural skincare products and using them which a second thought can be damaging to. Here is how to choose the right product for enhancing your beauty while minimizing the damage.

 Go for non-toxic labels

Usually, it is seen that when a product is marked as "natural" it only contains a very small amount of any natural ingredient along with a wide array of chemicals that are used to formulate it. The manufacturers are not hiding these but are making you focus on that one small natural ingredient and disregard the others. Therefore, just having one natural ingredient does not make the entire product safe to use.

The best way to choose a safe yet effective product is to look for labels marked as "non-toxic" or "clean". These products offer better results while causing very less or no harm to your skin. You will notice that the non-toxic and clean beauty products are mostly composed of natural ingredients with their botanical names mentioned in the ingredient list. Therefore, instead of finding natural products (that may not be so natural) go for non-toxic variants available in the market.

  Choose cleaner alternatives

There is always a cleaner alternative available for a product that you are currently using, but finding it could be a never-ending and confusing task. The beauty products that you currently use has some ingredients that are harmful to your skin, still, you are using it because you cannot try each and every product for its efficacy and safety. So, how to know if you have a better alternative available? The answer to this is through research.

Knowing what ingredients you actually want and having a cleaner alternative can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. If you are unable to swap your current beauty and skin care products with a cleaner one, you can simply approach certain stores that help you find the non-toxic versions of products that you are already using. Therefore, doing some research and finding a wellness store that actually cares for your skin can be beneficial for you in many ways.

  Always check the ingredients

We are talking so much about ingredients, but the question is how to know which ingredient is actually causing harm to your skin? Probably, you can find a list of ingredients that you should absolutely avoid but what about those compounds that remain hidden in the product yet have a harmful effect on your skin? All you have to do is pay attention to the ingredient list while buying an item. Selecting it just by watching a term like 'natural' or 'safe' may not work for most products.

Avoid using products that have parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, triclosan, synthetic colors and even fragrance. Experts suggest knowing each and every ingredient and finding their presence in the product before you buy can be helpful. In this way, you will be able to list out the ones that may damage your skin and stay away from using it.

 Ensure complete body care

When talking about beauty we just don't mean to only emphasize on our face and neck, we mean complete body care. There are many people who look out for a cleaner alternative for their face cream, foundations and beauty products ignoring their rest of the body. The might still be using a chemically formulated soap, deodorant or body cream. If you are one of them, you need to stop and take care of your complete body.

Even if you are not using harmful ingredients on your face they are still entering your body through other parts of your skin and causing health problems. Go for soaps that are mild on your skin and are mostly composed of natural ingredients. Also look out for non-toxic deodorants that have an ability to mask your body odor in a safer way.

  Have patience with natural products

Natural ingredients are the best way to enhance your beauty but they may work slowly. Chemical additives are supposed to work faster, rendering super-fast results which attract the majority of the population. And faster results seems to weigh down the dangerous effects of the compound on your skin. So, we have to decide what we want.

Most skin care experts will suggest you use clean and non-toxic products as they are equally effective minus the harm but they may take a little more time than usual to show the results. But you can also be sure of a long-lasting beauty offered by these products. Since non-toxic products are plant-based, they may tend to show irregularities such as separation. You can simply shake it to use it. At least it is not having a chemical to prevent separation. So always have patience with non-toxic products as they are sure to bring the real beautifying results.

  Labels are intended to provide you with a detailed information about any product. But it is difficult to know if the manufacturer is revealing all the things present in it. Well, it can be scary to know that not all the ingredients are mentioned on the label are safe, in fact, some remain hidden and are categorized under headings such as fragrance and additives. So, even if the label says "natural", the product could contain an unwanted ingredient in high amounts. Go for clean or non-toxic ingredients that not only beautify your skin but is safe on it too.

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