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Why Face Cleanser Powder is a Game Changer?

It is essential for anyone to take care of your skin, especially after late 20, as the skin starts losing its elasticity and natural texture. Keeping your skin clean and healthy plays an important role in reviving and rejuvenating it by removing the top dead layer making your skin soft and supple. With that being said, choosing the right cleansing product is the most important thing to do for obtaining a youthful and flawless skin. Read on to find what will work best for you.


Powder Vs. Cream cleanser

It is not always possible to try out every product on your skin but knowing a few facts may help you to decide what is better for your skin. Powder cleansers are in an anhydrous form which means they do not use water or any other solution. Such cleansers usually have small grains that exfoliate the skin whereas cream cleansers may or may not have any grains. Most cream cleansers contain chemicals and enzymes, however, some creams may have added natural ingredients too. Here are a few factors to check out before you choose a cleansing product for your skin.


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  1. Preservatives

As said above, powder facial cleansers do not use water or other solvents. Therefore they do not usually have any preservatives present in it as compared to cream cleansers that use preservatives to stay fresh. These preservatives can be in form of chemicals that may cause serious health issues when used for a longer time.

Most often, these ingredients remain hidden and are not disclosed by the manufacturer on the label. So you might be using chemicals on your skin without even knowing it.

On the other hand, powder cleansers are free from chemical preservatives and the ingredients get activated when your mix water or oil just before applying it.


      2. Better exfoliation

When it comes to exfoliation of the skin, there is nothing better than a powder cleanser. It has tiny natural granules that can help in mechanically removing the dead skin cells from your skin making it smooth and flawless.

Since the grains are obtained from a natural ingredient like orange peel and other herbs, it does not cause any irritation to the skin. Simply massaging them on your skin removes the top dead layer in a natural yet effective way.

Some creams may contain granules for exfoliation but they may not be natural. In fact, some creams contain harsh enzymes that cause chemical exfoliation of the skin and damage the inner fresh layers of the cells when used in an improper way.


  1. Chemical free

One of the best thing about powder cleansers are they are made with all natural ingredients that not only cleans the skin but also enhances your beauty. Natural ingredients such as rice powder, turmeric, and coconut oil naturally brighten the skin.

Powder cleansers also contain detoxifying natural ingredients such as charcoal that purifies the skin without causing any harm to the skin. This action nourishes the skin in the best possible way.

Cream cleansers also help in making the skin beautiful but it comes with many side effects which can ruin your skin in a long run. Therefore, it is always best to choose a powder cleanser over a cream.


  1. Artificial colors

Powder cleansers such as the ones by RENEW WELLNESS does not use any added colors. Such cleansers are thus more natural and are safe to use even for a sensitive and acne prone skin.

Cream-based cleansers usually have added synthetic colors to make it more attractive. Such chemical colors can cause skin irritation and damage your skin.

Powder cleansers may not be brightly colored but they can prove to be your skin's best friend. The powder formulations containing turmeric will be usually yellowish while those having activated charcoal will be blackish to greyish due to the natural color of charcoal.


  1. Additives

Cream cleansers always come with a huge list of additive including fragrance which can sometimes cause severe skin irritations. These fragrances are nothing but chemicals that damage your skin.

Powder cleansers may have a fragrance which is due to the natural scent of the herbs and essential oils that are not only mild and refreshing but also have an amazing healing effect on your skin. So if you want to get rid of additives that remain hidden, powder cleansers are better for you.


      6.  Long lasting effect

One of the main difference between powder cleanser and cream cleanser is its effect. Even though cream cleansers have faster results, the results do not last for long. Instead, after a long-term you, you can see a great damage to your skin.

Well, it is opposite with natural powder formulations. Usually, it takes a few weeks’ time to show visible results, however, the results are long-lasting. Natural ingredients work effectively to enhance the radiance of your skin as well as reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.


  1. Longer shelf life

Cream cleansers have a nutrient rich formulation that uses water or other solution, and therefore, it has to use a preservative to stop any microbial growth in it.

Powder cleansers have a longer shelf life. Since it is formulated in an anhydrous form that is in powder form, there is no chance of any microbial growth and your product remains fresh and free from impurities for longer.

However, with powder cleansers, you have to be careful while using as to not to introduce water into the container as it may ruin your entire product. As long as it remains in its anhydrous form, you can expect it to be of a great quality.


In a nutshell, choosing the powder cleanser is not only safe for your skin but is effective too. The natural and organic ingredients make your skin reap the natural beauty benefits. It uses ingredients that are long being used in Ayurveda for enhancing your beauty. Cream cleansers may have added colors, additives and preservatives that may have a damaging effect on your skin. Besides, cream cleansers have only one function- cleanse, while a powder cleanser has three- cleanse, exfoliate and beautify.


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