$72 - Trio set 3-in-1 Face Powder Cleanser + Exfoliator + Face Mask


Much of our inspiration is drawn from ancient stories and applications, including the mythical Greek Goddess Cosmeos and Ayurvedic practices. Cosmeos, whose name means balance and harmony, gave flowers and herbal gifts to those in need. Although she is referred to in modern beauty today (cosmetics), we stay true to her ancient story and provide authentic plant-based nourishment for the betterment of the body.

Same to Cosmeos, Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine that believes that herbs and minerals are the key to living a beautifully healthy life. Using all-natural ingredients, such as turmeric, orange peel, and pink Himalayan salt, practitioners of Ayurveda were able to renew and revitalize health.

It is through these beliefs that Renew Wellness products are always all-natural and completely chemical-free. We pride ourselves on using only the purest of ingredients from nature, never compensating for something that is lacking. Just as Cosmeos used the eternal gifts of the Earth to feed the soul, we want to use our passion to bring you to your highest state of well-being.
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